Egg wrote the lyrics for Nobody Scared after watching a documentary on Netflix about the Yorkshire Ripper. It focused on the Reclaim the Night marches and it made them remember the feeling of fear of walking home alone at night. The song is about recognising those feelings but addressing the fact that women and girls shouldn’t have to live their lives afraid. We originally wrote and produced this song back in December 2020 and it felt like an important topic then but it feels even more important now. When Egg watched the documentary, the original Reclaim the Night march first happened in 1977 but the fact that we’re still having to protest over the same issues of femicide is shocking, especially as the advice is still the same. We shouldn’t have to take preventative measures in order to be safe, why is no-one tackling the issue instead of blaming the victims? Women shouldn’t have to stay out of public spaces after dark and have a curfew inflicted upon them. Hopefully this song can help empower the women that deserve so much more. This video is a snapshot of some of the places in Manchester we love and should feel safe to walk around alone, at anytime of day.

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